I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched a new Facebook group. This group is about much more than my quilts – it’s a place to share your quilting tips, tricks and more. I am working on some free patterns and live videos that will be exclusive to the group memebers, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the fun! Join the Facebook group and learn something new, or inspire someone – today!

Some of my favorite people will also be in the group to share their knowledge. This group will take your local quilt group to new heights – the group will bring together people of varying talent levels from beginners to professionals competing in the world of quilting. Each and every person has something to share, no matter what their skill level is, and the group admins will ensure that each opinion, suggestion, and question is handled with care. We never want a member to feel inferior to another member.

Quilting is about community, and has been bringing people together for many generations – this is no different! Join the group and let’s share and learn together!

Join the Facebook Group; Samson Foundation Pattern